Date Modified: 2/16/2011

Atlantic Beach, FL, February 16, 2011—ICE-TECH Advanced Lens Technologies, the exclusive manufacturer of the THIN-ICE Lens, announced today that it has developed digital technology to conquer low vision. With the new High Power Optimized technology being launched in early 2011, ICE-TECH is now a leader in resources for the visually-impaired.

By providing prescription eyewear as high as a -35 and a +21, ICE-TECH equips the patient with vision acuity previously not possible. With prism or without prism, this advanced digital surfacing uses High Power Optimization, developed exclusively by ICE-TECH. With low vision comes a loss of sharpness and distorted vision; with ICE-TECH, the low vision sufferer may finally have sharper and clearer vision, made possible by their ICE-TECH patented digital technology.

ICE-TECH has worked with several low-vision clinics in their research and has joined forces with VA’s to help soldiers with specialized trauma injuries now suffering from low vision.

Join ICE-TECH in their cause to solve low vision problems and give the treatment never possible before. They will be available for consultation at the upcoming Vision Expo East.

For more information, contact:

Beth Showalter, Director of Sales and Marketing
ICE-TECH Advanced Lens Technologies
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