Date Modified: 1/18/2011

Atlantic Beach, FL—ICE-TECH Advanced Lens Technologies, the exclusive manufacturer of the THIN-ICE Lens, announced today that it has begun its promotion of its in-house mirror program. As one of the few American companies offering in-house AR and Mirrors, ICE-TECH has found an easy niche in the market.

ICE-TECH boasts the ability to produce high quality lenses with quick turnaround time and actually eliminates the middle man by owning the patent on the software that communicates with patented hardware so they completely control the production of the product—from start to finish. With their technology, ICE-TECH can produce mirrors, tints and AR on a timetable that the rest of the industry can’t touch.

The collection, existing of ten specialized mirror colors, include Ruby ICE, Black ICE, Cool Green, ICE Blue, Molten Lava, Chrome, Rose, Gold, Antique Gold, and Ocean Blue. All of these mirrors are produced in their state of the art facility, completely controlled by their unique technology.

These mirrors are all equipped with a limited 1-year warranty and are produced on an as needed basis, no matter what quantities are requested. This cutting edge technology will benefit all Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) by offering the ability to customize any lens to any style frame without compromising the lens quality.

ICE-TECH combines technology and art to provide the ECP with a means of showcasing the mirror colors to their patient. All ten colors of the ICE-TECH Mirror Brand are pictured here:

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