Date Modified: 6/16/2010

100% Digital Surfacing and Exclusive Software/Hardware processing allows us to control the lens production and is a new worldwide lens technology breakthrough exclusively developed in the U.S.

Atlantic Beach, FL —ICE-TECH Advanced Lens Technologies is the exclusive manufacturer of the THIN-ICE Lens, a high quality individualized digitally-created prescription lens made for wrap-around sunglasses. For the first time ever, high power prescription wearers have the opportunity to wear stylish fashion and sport wrap-around frames.

This patented technology process offers better optical quality, less weight, thinner lenses and greater cosmetic appeal than a bulky lens. It also offers no cut out issues, due to the decentration of pupil placement to increase usability of the entire lens. Our patented technology is used to customize individual wrap-around high base curve lenses and is equally effective on single vision, dual zone and progressive addition lenses (PAL).

“This is the best PAL value in a high technology lens out there today,” says Allen Weatherby, industry expert and President and CEO of ICE-TECH Advanced Lens Technologies. “We developed our PAL design to work with a wide intermediate and full reading area, no matter what frame or frame angle is used. Due to this PAL design flexibility, our ICE-TECH PAL also makes a fashionable lens!”

In 2005, the Atlantic Beach-based facility was established and has since been actively engaged in research and development. ICE-TECH is the exclusive U.S. supplier for THIN-ICE Lens and is currently in discussions with partners for worldwide distribution. This technology is state of the art and will benefit all Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) by offering the ability to customize any lens to any style frame without compromising the lens quality.

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