Date Modified: 7/25/2012

Atlantic Beach, FL—When you look at companies that have been at the forefront of innovation within the optical industry, ICE-TECH is considered one of the most advanced lens manufacturing companies operating today. ICE-TECH was the first all-digital production facility located in the United States. Their patented thinning technology sets ICE-TECH apart from any other lens manufacturer; the THIN-ICE process creates a lens 50% thinner and lighter than any other available on the market.

This all-American owned and operated facility is able to do all lens processing in-house, including mirror and AR treatments. The ability to control every step of the lens manufacturing process creates a fast two to three business day average turnaround time for their customers. The ability to consistently be an innovator in the optical industry is a challenge that ICE-TECH consistently rises to. ICE-TECH has their own unique lens designs that you cannot get anywhere else including GLACIER – ICE Single Vision, DIGITAL BIFOCAL, CRYSTAL ICE Progressive, WORKPLACE LENS and the DIAMOND DUAL ZONE.

The most popular lens from these five designs would be the CRYSTAL – ICE PAL. This progressive design is so advanced and tailored to your prescription that it will become your new “PAL”. The CRYSTAL-ICE Progressive combined with ICE-TECH’s patented thinning technology creates greater possibilities in frame choice. Features and benefits of the CRYSTAL-ICE Progressive include: no swim or sway, full side to side far vision, the ability to fit even the largest of frames, horizontal and vertical decentration, and clear vision in all areas.

With ICE-TECH’s digital surfacing capabilities the CRYSTAL – ICE Progressive will not only give you the best optics possible, but allow you to put your prescription in the frame of your choice. ICE-TECH has proven to be the leader in digitally surfaced lenses and has now expanded its capabilities in its progressive designs. Nowhere else will you find a progressive with the clarity and the thinness of an ICE-TECH lens.

For More information about ICE-TECH and their advanced lens technologies please go to their website or call them toll free at 1-888-ICE-TECH.

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