Lab Talk Advisor Spotlight on ICE-TECH (Story 2 of 2)
Date Modified: 7/17/2012

Ice-Tech Advanced Lens Technologies

By Judith Lee

Last month, Ice-Tech's president, Beth Showalter, discussed how the Atlantic Beach, Fla. lab differentiates itself with lens technology. In the second part of our interview, she talks about how the company's significant investment in lens processing technology has paid off.

Ice-Tech provides in-house AR, 10 mirror colors, and its own custom, five-axis edger for edging difficult wraps. Ice-Tech's patented thinning technology, called Thin-Ice, removes up to 50 percent of the lens material no longer required.

Technology creates an ongoing need for in-house training, met with weekly training of Ice-Tech staff.
"For example, we recently revamped our AR and upgraded our super-hydrophobic coating on two-year warranted AR jobs. This seemingly simple upgrade can ruin a lens if cleaned improperly too soon after application, so it takes integrated training for the production staff, as well as customer service and sales staff to be able to communicate it properly with the customer," Showalter noted.

Automation has not reduced staffing needs, as Ice-Tech continues to grow briskly. Production has doubled, and so has staff size.

"Ice-Tech is automated in many ways, but we still rely on the human knowledge to produce our lenses and perfect our designs," Showalter said.

The lab's use of technology extends to its website and a social media program. Each Ice-Tech customer is assigned a private web page where orders can be placed and tracked. Ice-Tech has a vigorous Facebook program that offers monthly discounts to those who "like" the page. Once again, the lab is supporting its customers with social media marketing.

"Business is all about networking now," said Showalter. "Even though we don't have a million dollar budget to advertise our lenses to the public, we can still spread the word through social networking. I want the public to know about our lenses so they begin asking the ECP's for them."


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