ICE-TECH Makes Impression on a Local Surfer
Date Modified: 7/6/2012

ICE-TECH is an all-digital lens manufacturing facility with its own patented lens designs located in Atlantic Beach Florida. Primarily ICE-TECH produces prescription lenses for optical shops around the United States. Although the majority of ICE-TECH’s production comes from the prescription lens orders, a portion of its sales comes from the Advanced Polarized Sunglass line.

Shannon Ferguson, from Jacksonville Beach Florida, fell in love with ICE-TECH Advanced Polarized Sunglasses after winning a pair from the Wave Masters Surf competition on May 5th 2012. ICE-TECH was a main sponsor of this event and donated 20 pairs of sunglasses to the Wave Masters Organization as well as running a free daily raffle at their booth. Ferguson not only won glasses from ICE-TECH’s raffle, but the Wave Masters Raffle as well. Ferguson says they are the best pair of lenses he has ever had. Ferguson is a soul surfer who plans to make it to the Eastern Surfing Association Regional Surf Competition this year.

Ferguson contacted ICE-TECH shortly after the Wave Masters Surf Competition in search of a decal that he could apply to his surf board. Ferguson disclosed that he is not looking for a sponsorship; rather he just loves our lenses and would love the opportunity to help promote a local business; and according to him, his lenses have been the best pair he has ever had because the clarity, style, and scratch resistance of the mirror coating has been unlike any other lenses he has had before.

Because of Ferguson’s strong interest and loyalty to the ICE-TECH brand Joanna Phelps, the Sunglass Sales Manager, had a special 3 foot decal made for Shannon’s board. “ICE-TECH is so grateful of the local support” Phelps states, “we just had to make Shannon an awesome decal!”

This is just another example of how ICE-TECH will go above and beyond for its customers. Phelps states “You will not find any other company that will do whatever it takes for its customers. ICE-TECH strives every day to deliver the best products and services to its customers.” You can Follow Shannon’s progress on our Facebook page with his standings from each surf competition.

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