Lab Talk Advisor Spotlight on ICE-TECH (Story 1 of 2)
Date Modified: 6/11/2012

Ice-Tech Advanced Lens Technologies

By Judith Lee

Even though the latest lens technologies are literally part of its name, Ice-Tech Advanced Lens Technologies emerged strongly from the recession thanks to time-tested business strategies.

"Our strength is in our commitment to good prices and good service, as well as exceptional lens designs. Every quarter, we introduce at least one promotion to help our customers compete in their own way against other eyecare providers," said Beth Showalter, president of the Atlantic Beach, Fla. lab.

These quarterly promotions give ECPs a break on a lens or lens option, which they can choose to pass on to their own customers, such as a free backside AR with any mirror lens purchase, or the 250 promo which reduces prices on low-powered Rx's.

Showalter said that Ice-Tech also differentiates with lens products: "We strive to set our customers apart by giving them a unique lens not available in every store chain."

This makes customer training an important priority for Ice-Tech.

"There is definitely a learning curve that comes along with our lenses. For one thing, you measure the OCH directly on the 180 line, which is not how everyone else does it in the industry. We fully believe in making it as simple as possible for our customers, which is why we do things differently," Showalter noted.

First in a two-part series


59 West 9th Street • Atlantic Beach, Fl 32233 USA

Phone: (888) ICE-TECH • Fax: (888) ICE-FAXX