Date Modified: 3/21/2012

Atlantic Beach, FL, —ICE-TECH Advanced Lens Technologies, the exclusive manufacturer of the THIN-ICE Lens (a patented thinning technology that thins up to 50% of the lens material not required), has announced a new product added to their production line.

ICE-TECH has officially introduced The MaX edger to their customers. It produces custom edging that is done in-house with complete control of the hardware and software. What does this mean to the average ECP? Those un-sellable high wrap frames on their optical boards can now be sold!

The MaX Edger is a custom 5 axis edger designed and built for cutting lenses for those challenging jobs such as the Oakley and Rudy Project frames in higher powers, including high cylinder. Lenses produced by ICE-TECH using Thin-ICE lenses and the MaX edger offer an exclusive solution from ICE-TECH.

Beth Showalter, President of ICE-TECH, said in a statement that “The MaX edger project has increased sales, because we can now compete with some larger facilities that have purchased edgers of this type. Since we built it from scratch, though, we don’t have the same limitations that the other MEI’s [from Italy] have and can remain a strong American owned and operated company.”

The MaX edger is currently exclusive to ICE-TECH and is used to produce any advanced frame shapes ordered by their customers.

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