Eyecare Business Magazine: Rx Programs Race Into the Future
Date Modified: 7/1/2011

Rx Programs Race Into the Future

By Karlen McLean, A.B.O.C., N.C.L.C.; Amy Spiezio

In the early days of eyeglass dispensing, frames were simply something to hold lenses. Over the years, that sentiment has been pushed out of the spotlight thanks to wider style choices for frames and lenses that allow a staggering number of combinations.

While eyecare professionals will never go back to eyewear being a simple lens-holding device, there is a new movement taking hold in the industry: frame-company specific lens packages.

Starting in the sports and sunwear markets, ECPs are increasingly finding a one-stop shop for eyewear and lenses through frame companies and their lens company partners, licensors, or laboratory partners.

This new development allows ECPs to offer their patients more optical options than ever before. Notes Oakley's Andy McSorley, “We are trying to educate ECPs on lens quality that they can sell to their customers as an upgrade.”

The following is a rundown of some of the companies that currently offer this new and fast-growing breed of combination frame and Rx programs.


PRODUCT: Ice-Tech lines of sunglasses: Sport-Ice, Pure-Ice, Floating-Ice, and Ultimate-Ice.

RX PROGRAM: Crystal-Ice PAL, Glacier-Ice single vision, Diamond Dual Zone (blended bifocal), Digital Bifocal (flattop), THIN-ICE Wrap-Around. Range: +18.00D to −31.00D, depending on frame. Effective blank diameter of 99mm; 100 percent digitally surfaced. Two AR colors, 20 mirror colors.

LAB: ICE-TECH is the manufacturer, lens designer, and lab. Turnaround is typically two to three business days.

ECP POINTERS: Web ordering with option for multiple sign-ins for different locations with billing to a central location. Multiple Pair Discount Program is 50 percent off multiple pairs for the same patient, no matter how many pairs.

INFO: 888-ICE-TECH, ice-tech.com


59 West 9th Street • Atlantic Beach, Fl 32233 USA

Phone: (888) ICE-TECH • Fax: (888) ICE-FAXX