Date Modified: 7/28/2010

Atlantic Beach, FL —ICE-TECH Advanced Lens Technologies, the exclusive manufacturer of the THIN-ICE Lens, announced today that it has begun its relocation in Atlantic Beach, FL. The move was first announced this past spring.

“Moving to our new building provides us with more room for growth. I think larger labs in our industry will take a new look at us and wonder what it is that we have that they don’t,” said Allen Weatherby, CEO of ICE-TECH. “We are all very excited to have a larger headquarters and I know that ICE-TECH will flourish from this move.”

After almost a year of careful deliberation, the Executive Staff determined that, out of several candidates, the Mayport Road location was the ideal base from which to grow. Atlantic Beach, FL, is situated just 15 miles northeast of Jacksonville, the nation’s largest city in area.

While the office is currently staffed by six full time employees, that number is expected to rise in the next two years. Hiring for the new headquarters will begin in a few weeks.

In 2005, the Atlantic Beach-based facility was established and has since been actively engaged in research and development. ICE-TECH is the exclusive U.S. supplier for THIN-ICE Lenses and is currently in discussions with partners for worldwide distribution. This technology is state of the art and will benefit all Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) by offering the ability to customize any lens to any style frame without compromising the lens quality.

For more information, contact:

Beth Showalter, Sales and Marketing Manager
ICE-TECH Advanced Lens Technologies
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59 West 9th Street • Atlantic Beach, Fl 32233 USA

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