Lens Color: Gray
Frame Color: Matte Black
Lens Material: TECH-Lite Poly
Frame Material: Graphite Nylon
Warranty: One Year
Lens Features: 12 Element Advanced Polarized
Frame Features:  ICE-TECH Graphite Nylon


ICE-TECH SP-2000 features extremely durable graphite-nylon frames. Maximum comfort is achieved with our design and frame finish. The SP-2000 feature the ICE-TECH Advanced Polarized Tech-lite polycarbonate lens. When performance optics count, you can depend on ICE-TECH Advanced Polarized Lens Technology. Used by professional NASCAR and INDY RACING LEAGUE team members when they go over the wall for pit stops. These professionsals must perform in changing conditions - from the bright light to the shadows between the pit wall and the race car when they change tires. There is glare everywhere on a bright day during a pit stop, and the ICE-TECH glare eleminating internal filter gives these professionals exceptional optical performance.


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