Who is ICE-TECH Advanced Lens Technologies?
ICE-TECH is an all-digital lens manufacturing company. We are not a customer to a machine company or a lens company. We are the inventor that not only develops and produces lenses, but are behind this science and technology. The main difference between us and the other lens manufacturers is that we own the patent on the software that communicates with our patented hardware so we completely control the production of the product—from start to finish.

How does the THIN-ICE process work?
THIN-ICE is a patented lens technology. We have our patented lens software communicate with the generator to cut away the unwanted thickness outside the optical zone. The result is a lighter, thinner lens that can be worn in many larger frame styles, including wraps. This lens is customized from start to finish so it maximizes visual acuity.

How many layers is ICE-TECH’s Anti-reflective coating? Myth buster!!!
Anti-reflection is not a coating at all. It is actually a combination of chemical elements, (yes chemical elements from the periodic table), in very thin layers, using high index and low index chemical elements to build an anti-reflective thin film. This thin film bonds to that lens material, (which also uses an additional protective hard coating). The result is you can see clearer because more light can pass through the lens with an anti-reflective treatment. ECPs are taught previously that if three coats of anti-reflective are good, then seven is better. The science behind the truth is that this layering of coats is really an urban myth and doesn’t exist. One complete well designed thin film stack of anti-reflective film is all you need! This is true of all anti-reflective films. There is set up time for hard coatings to cure and setup time for hydrophobic treatments to cure but the actual anti-reflective material is ready to perform when it is applied.

Here at ICE-TECH we are able to make our lenses thinner and lighter in weight than traditional lenses.

We are able to do this by customizing each job. You place an order for a particular prescription, single vision, dual zone, or progressive, choosing the type of material and any other extras. Our professionals control it from start to finish. We choose the right base for the right prescription, and can choose the right material for each job. The prescription is loaded into the generator and our patented process calculates the best possible path to cut your job. We use regular ICE-TECH technology and also THIN-ICE technology. We have eliminated a lot of the traditional confusion between the software not communicating with the hardware because it is all done in-house. The programmers work for us! Our finished product speaks for itself!

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