Ice-Tech lenses should be in every Opticians tool box. They are super thin, and reach powers that are unheard of in Free-form. I hated telling the patients who could benefit the most from Free-form that lenses can’t be made in their power, not so with Ice-Tech lenses. Ice-Tech has been able to handle every RX we have ever sent their way, a truly great product by truly great people. They are also great for those patients leaving contact lenses after many years, and they are terrified by lens thickness.

Van Y Rue , Single Vision Express
As an eyewear sales consultant and long time wearer of glasses, I have had the opportunity to try lots of different types of progressive lenses. I am a fairly adaptive person and have really never experienced any earth shaking differences in the different brands I have tried, that is until Kent Miller introduced me to ICE-TECH lenses! I was immediately impressed by the clarity and razor sharp peripheral vision of these lenses. My vision is crystal clear and I notice and appreciate this especially when I'm driving. I can see very clearly from side to side without turning my head. I am so grateful to Kent for introducing me to these wonderful lenses! My vision has never been clearer! Thanks Kent [at Spectacle Shoppe, Wichita, KS] and ICE-TECH lenses!

Suzanne Somers , Sales Representative , Tura
When I first put my new ICE-TECHs on, it felt so light, like I didn't haven anything on. I am prone to headaches and your sunglasses are non-pressuring to the head and have seriously made a huge difference in my health. I can feel the difference you make!

Bob Hunchberger
"We have Optical Freedom. If the other lab say it can’t be done call Ice-Tech. Ice-Tech can and does make lenses our customer love to wear.

The other labs I have dealt with over the last 35 years seem to enjoy calling to let me know something can’t be done. Ice-tech calls me to let me know how it can be done.

With Ice-Tech I have found no limits to base curve, add power, cylinder power, prism power or decentration. Talk about optical freedom. WOW!!

I don’t think any other lab can make a custom polarized mirrored lens and deliver it to my door in 24 hours. That’s service!!

Probably the hardest customer to please is the one needing a Plano script with a 250 add. Ice-Tech can deliver that pair of lenses and the customer can wear it without sacrificing distance vision. That’s optical freedom."

Kent Miller , President , The Spectacle Shoppe
I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends. I am SOOO glad my eye doctor put me in your lenses. From now on, I will only go to practices that use you!

Colin Nguyen
I will recommend your business to all of my friends, and destroy their current pair of sunglasses to drum up business for you. Being in the U.S. army, I often find myself in countries where sunglass stores are not readily available. I love to buy U.S. and support you fully!

Pedro Guzman
Leading an active lifestyle, I am always outdoors and in need of good sunglasses. I have different glasses for different uses. When I came across Ice-Tech sunglasses about two years ago, I was hooked! These are the greatest glasses I have ever purchased and there is not even a close second. No glare, stylish and versatile, these glasses are special. No more licensed brands for me - Ice-Tech is far superior product.

Allan Brown
Thank you so much ! I was looking for affordable eyewear, and I was impressed that your site was so easy to use. I had categories such as pricing, and brand to sort from. BTW - I really thought that the rotating sunglasses on your main page was awesome.

Nancy Z.
Thanks so much again! I will tell all my friends about your site and excellent products and prices.

Kristy Hanson
I am very pleased with your professional service and customer focus. Keep up the good work!

Keith Chan

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