Features & Benefits
  • Front curve constantly spherical as all wizardry (digital surfacing) administered on the back creating an a-spherical backside
  • Base curve matched: the front lens’ spherical curve is the same as what the frame is designed to hold
  • No cut out issues, due to decentration of pupil placement to increase usability of the entire lens
  • Lighter in weight than traditional lenses
  • Extensive mirror capabilities produced in small quantities on a custom order basis including Anti-Reflective in Advanced Green and Premium Clear Blue, plus the ability to process multiple designs of color mirror coatings: green, blue, red, black, bronze, silver and more
  • Exclusive provider of THIN-ICE Lens Technology (advanced thinning process)
  • Specially developed hard coating processes for all polarized lenses that cures to a similar hardness of non-polarized thermally cured lenses
  • Developed Free-ICE, which is a Super Hydrophobic that is chemically bonded to the lens that repels smudges and fingerprints
ICE-TECH Advanced Lens Technologies was the first all digital production facility in the U.S., as well as, the exclusive provider of THIN-ICE Lens Technology. Multiple free-form equipment, proprietary software, specially designed and administered processes allow for total control of all internal operations that are necessary to produce the highest quality prescription lens.

59 West 9th Street • Atlantic Beach, Fl 32233 USA

Phone: (888) ICE-TECH • Fax: (888) ICE-FAXX